About Us


Based out of Pune Maharashtra, we host one of the largest collections of Jigsaw puzzles which makes us one of the top retail distributors of Jigsaw puzzles in India!

Our ever-expanding catalog boasts international bestsellers from top brands like HEYE, Eurographics, and The OP Games.

We also have our very own line of puzzles under the Jigsaw Nation Brand-Name.
This is an attempt to get our passionate local artists and designers introduced to the active marketplace and build a platform for our local artists.

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About Us - Our founders

Heard of board games like Catan, Splendor, and Azul?

Check out our sister brand The Bored Game Company!

With a catalog of extensive games including Bestsellers and numerous Pop Culture editions from brands such as  Gigamic, Blue Orange, Facade Games, and Z-man Games.

We’ve set out on a mission to bring friends and families closer by playing Board games!

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